Help with Lookup


I’m back to Airtable after an extended absence. I’m having trouble with something that should be simple.

I have a table with two columns that are linked to other tables.

I was able to add a lookup column for the first linked table, “Purchase Orders.”

I am now trying to add a lookup column for the second linked table, “Products,” but the table does not show as an option for a lookup.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.


Your products table would not happen to be linked in the ISBN column, would it? The Airtable Lookup UI uses the column names of the link, not the name of the linked tables…


Oh thanks, I realized what I was doing wrong and it was just me not paying enough attention : / I thought it was giving me field options but it was actually giving me table options, once I chose a table I was able to do the lookup for the field.:upside_down_face: