Help with nested if formula

Response I am getting:
Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.

The formula:
IF ({Num Porosity} >50, “High Porosity”, IF({Num Porosity} < 20, “Low Porosity”, “Normal Porosity”))

Welcome to the community, @Rita_Roloff! :smiley: If you copied that formula directly from your formula field, the most glaring issue is the space between IF and its opening parenthesis. It should be:



IF (...

The same goes for all of Airtable’s functions.

If (no pun intended) that’s not the issue, the next thing to check are the quotes. If you had copied a formula from elsewhere in the community, for example, it’s possible that you captured some “curly” quotes. Airtable is picky about quotes, and only works with non-styled “straight” quotes in formulas, as this cleaned up version of your formula uses:

IF({Num Porosity} >50, "High Porosity", IF({Num Porosity} < 20, "Low Porosity", "Normal Porosity"))

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