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I am trying to add all records from a view in a separate table to a field for all records in a view on another table.

let TBTable = base.getTable(‘Technical Comments for VB’);
let TBView = TBTable.getView(“Shared to All Trigger”)
let TBQuery = await TBView.selectRecordsAsync();
let TBRecord = TBQuery.records;
let VBTable = base.getTable(‘Verifier / Trainer Body’);
let VBView = VBTable.getView(“Verifier Bodies (Public List)”)
let VBQuery = await VBView.selectRecordsAsync();
let VBRecords = VBQuery.records;
let d =
VBRecords.forEach(c => d.push({id:}));
await TBTable.updateRecordAsync(,{‘Verifier Body’: d});
output.markdown(’# Done :rocket:’)

I am getting an error that the record is not defined. Can someone help?


Your problem is you’ve passed, but TBRecord does not have a property of id. As you’ve defined it, TBRecord is an array of records which looks something like this:

    {id: xxx1, name: "Record 1"},
    {id: xxx2, name: "Record 2"},
    {id: xxx3, name: "Record 3"}

You’ll need to loop through each item in that array, similar to how you’ve done with VBRecords, like this:

TBRecord.forEach(x => {
    TBTable.updateRecordAsync(, {'Verifier Body': d})
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Thanks. Sorry where does that part go in the script. I apologize I’m very new to coding.

its a replacement for your current line with updateRecordAsync.

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