Help With Switch Formula

SWITCH(PageID, "18479402361", "NKH", "8532248414", “WWP”, "8271670852", “LLS”, "342294162453301", “PP”, "27817332304", “AFSP”, "55701226138", “AHA”, "15687409793", “WWF”, "12692786774", “ALS, "184404096774", “LUPUS”, "105229062888132", “SSS”, "25372476424", “BFAS”, "12596759677", “RAICES”, "14084625156", “SGK”, “13793312555", “MAW”, "1562713090633117", “OUR”, "20876805343", “MOD”, "100438444321", “CCA”, "8492293163", “EDF”, "111541054636", “BTM”, "10331123781", “SO”, "371566686229476", “ADAA”, "342091725962792", “M22”, "8047221596", “STC”, "11791104453", “NRDC”, "81517275796", “UNICEF”, "512423278811960", “DS”, "122531741163825", “ALF”, "22902828717", “BB”, "332378771195", “CF”, "97646191545", “HA”, "44224524016", “AKF”, "332077995968", “LCRF”, "84618074710", “CCC”, "95155519857", “BLISS”, "24470472733", “TP”, "7271534916", “FFB”, "N/A")

Here is my switch formula currently. I have genuinely been looking at this for 45 minutes now and I cannot seem to figure out why it is erroring out. I’m sure it’s a very simple issue but I cannot seem to find the cause. Please let me know if you see any errors. Thanks!

Your formula has a mix of straight quotes "..." and curly quotes “...”.

Make sure you use only straight quotes.

Hi @Hunter_Casillas

There was a quote missing from one of the strings of letters (ALS.).

Mary K

Didn’t even notice that, thank you!

Any idea, what is max number of patterns and results SWITCH() function can handle?
If that is exceeded, what might be a sidewalk (but not nested IF, I am have about 180 patterns. Thank you

I haven’t seen a documented limit on the SWITCH function. I have see some very long formulas.

On the other hand, you are probably better off with writing a script for the scripting block (unless the info changes frequently). I think it would be much easier. The syntax for a JavaScript SWITCH is a bit different from Airtable’s formula fields.

Thank you, @kuovonne. I am a total lamer in JavaScript and will probably continue with SWITCH() function. So far it handles my 180 patterns and results.

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