Help with two formulas - Thanks!

Hi all, I’m looking to create two formulas:

First: collecting all different contacts under the same account and apply a % based on how many contacts from the organization I interact with.
For example: out of the 3 contact people in the customer account that are listed ((VP Sales, Sales Manager, and Sales development rep) I have had an interaction (added the date of it in a field) with only 2 of them, based on that, the field should present 66.6%.
Of course that if I add a new contact to the customer account this should also be taken into consideration in terms of %.

Second: I would like to build a second formula that counts the number of interactions that were done with each contact in the organization in a date range perspective of 3 months. Meaning, I would like to assure that my team reaches out to each contact at least once every 3 months. How can I do that?

Thank you very much!

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