Hidden Fields in Expanded Record View


Please give us an option to hide fields in the Expanded Record view based upon the hidden fields in the grid view.


Fully support that request :+1:

"Don't add new columns to this view" option

A little late but I give this request my complete support


Me too!

Also the order in which the fields appear looks random (creation time?). I’d love to move them around. :slight_smile:

Change the fields order when adding a record

Yes please - the search in calendar view is fantastic but it’s really let down by the view of expanded record being clogged up with every field ever created in there!!!


Yes, being able to move them around would be very helpful


following suggestions I use a lot of “helper” fields (example, to make up for lack of conditional rollups) and they crowd the expanded view if they cannot be hidden


Just to be sure: for the iOS client too please. :slight_smile:


Echo echo echo echo . . .

I look forward to this ability being added


I also fully support this.


hugely valuable for the reason that @Polen says


fully support! I personally use 1-2 columns for calculations / functions. And it is absolutely confusing / useless to display those columns. looking forward to this function being added.


This is a must! We use this as inventory management software and I’d love to be able to hide fields from our technicians so they don’t see clutter when inputting data while out of the office.

Please and thanks!


Please add this. I am using Airtable as a project management tool. The Expanded Record View is critical and its been frustrating trying to make it look good when I use all of the features of Airtable. There are several ways to implement this, but probably the easiest and most effective would be to mirror the View you are looking at. If it is not on the View, then its not on the Expanded Record. Probably the easiest to program for you as well.


Important feature to get views organized and neet!


Just started in with Airtable… it didn’t even occur to me that hidden fields would show up in expanded view. PLEASE make expanded view match/mirror the main table view.


I will be using Airtable with multiple users who need the least amount of distraction or confusion as possible when using the base. Airtable is already super user friendly, however this was a concern as I demonstrated the use of the program for our intended purposes. Users became confused by some of the columns I needed to place to create formulas because I couldn’t hide them in expanded view.


Yes please… I really need to hide some of my fields. :innocent:


I vote for this feature too. Does anyone have a workaround for this?


Fully support this request, too!