Hide Completed Tasks in Tables / Tabs within Project Planner


I have lots of tabs for different locations of a tour plus a tab for tasks. In each location table I can see all my tasks associated with each record of the project. However once a task is completed I want to be able to hide it from the table view. Basically I want it to be clear at a glance where there is work to do in each location. I have worked out how to filter tasks by their status in the Task tab but seem to be unable to do so in the other tables.
When I click ‘Filter’ then ‘Tasks’ the options reduce down to only: Contains, Does not contain, Empty, Is not empty. When I type Completed nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you

Hi @Rachel_Gammon - in the locations tables when you filter on “tasks” you are filtering on the task name (or ID) or if it is empty or not. You need to get the task status into the location table using a lookup field:

The lookup will be based on the linked field (in this case, the task).

Once you’ve got this in the locations table you will be able to filter by its values (“in progress”, “completed” etc)


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Thank you! That worked a treat :slight_smile: