Hide field names in Gallery View


Displaying the field name is useless for so many Gallery views created (and some Kanban views). For example, I don’t need to know that xyz@abc is their “email” or 123.456.7890 is there “phone”. The field names take up far too much space when viewing.


The most frustrating thing about Airtable is the amount of space wasted in most of the views. We can’t use the Kanban and Gallery views because adding just a few fields to a card makes the cards too long to fit on the screen. Field names are a total waste of space there! Also in the record views, there is a huge amount of white space between fields that makes those views impractical as forms.

I would so love to see more layout options in all the views, especially “show field names y/n?”, “line spacing: wide/normal/compact” and “choose title field” (so we don’t have to see our ugly key/id fields as “titles”).

These are old requests that affect the basic usability of the program. Please Airtable, before you add any more blocks, take care of more of the requested core features that users have been requesting for a long time!