Hide field type icons


I’m lovin’ Airtable, but, in grid view, I’m not thrilled with those little icons that appear beside very field name to indicate what type of field it is. Most are text fields, so it looks as if I have fields named “A First Name” and “A City”. I’d like a configuration switch to switch them off.


Agreed. The icons are poorly designed and applied, detracting from the user interface, rather than enhancing it.


Yes, please! I would love to turn these off on a per field basis.


Yes! I agree that they are detracting from the UI readability. I don’t care
about turning them off selectively, I’d like them all to disappear!


I concur, this would be a very useful feature and add value to the tool.


Just want to keep this active. Please let us toggle off the icons in the field type headers.


i was about to make a new topic, but i see it has already pointed out.
Since airtable is about data, and how to read them properly, in the current layout, is Distracting
one solution would be

  1. to swap it, (First Description and afterwards the icon)
  2. to have the ability to hide it
  3. or appear what kind of field it is, when you mouse over it.