Hide just the "(empty)" column/row in Matrix


Hi there, I am using the Matrix blocks and would like to just hide the “(empty)”, but show the remaining columns that may or may not have values. If I check the box to hide the empty rows, it also hides columns without data in them. I’d like to just hide the “(empty)” column/row when there is no data. The rest of the actually empty columns/rows I’d like to keep so I can show that we indeed don’t have anything in that matrix. See example



I think you can create a filter on the table your matrix is referencing that removes blanks. That should take care of it.



What filter would I use? The table the matrix is based on only shows the records that are already appearing here. The “(empty)” is not an available drop-down in my lists–it’s programmatically there.



Sorry, it’s this option on your matrix block:



Hi Mac,

Thanks for the response. I have tried that, however, it then deletes all the columns that are empty, which I don’t want to do. I need to show that some risk categories are blank like in this example. The way I have it setup is fine except those default columns that are there and I can’t figure out a way to make them disappear but keep the remaining grid.