Hide negative integer when using DATETIME_FORMAT

I am trying to calculate the number of dates between when a project came in house and today’s date, so I can show how many days it has been in house. I am using the following formula, which works well. But, of course it results in a negative number of days, since the in date it came in is lower than today’s date. So for instance, if a project came in on 12/01 and today is 12/05, I would like it to show 4 days in house, not “-4”. Is there a way to suppress the negative symbol and just output the 4?

DATETIME_DIFF({Request Date}, TODAY(), ‘days’)

^^ That is the function I am currently using

Hi @Nora_Kramer - just flip them around:

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Request Date}, 'days')




Oh my gosh! :woman_facepalming: Brilliant! Der…why did’t I think of that. Worked great!

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