Hide or Display Fields Based on Value of Another Field

Is it possible to hide or display certain fields in a table based on the value of another field? Basically, conditionally.

For example, let’s say a table has the following:

Field A
Field B
Field C

And I want the following display options

Field A: Always visible
Field B: Visible only when field A is marked “Present”
Field C: Visible when field C is marked “Absent”

How would one do this?

That is not possible with Airtable, except for the form view.

Thanks @ScottWorld. That’s too bad. Would make things a lot cleaner for data entry and different views.

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Agreed. I highly doubt that this will ever be added into the product, but I would suggest emailing support@airtable.com to suggest it as a feature request.

MiniExtensions.com offers this feature, but you don’t get the slick Airtable user interface over there.

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