Hide personal information shown on forms

How can I hide the personal information shown to others completing our form?

All the personal fields are hidden from the grid view.

As you can see when using the linked field in the form it has these details visible. We obviously do not want to share salary, personal phone numbers, etc to all using the form.


Is there another way to have the person filling out the form only see the names, which we are trying to link?

This is an example to our base - there is a daily growing field, currently at 600, to search through.

Hi @Holli_Younger,

You wont see these info in the form, they are only visible in the Form builder.

Try to Open Form and check them.


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As @Mohamed_Swellam said already, you do not have to show any fields on a form that you don’t want to show. Use the editor to remove any fields that have been placed on it automatically. Then Open Form to test. If the form is embedded in a website and is being used for single-record data entry by people who don’t otherwise have access to the base, then the hidden data will remain private.

But do be aware that hiding fields on the form does not mean that the fields are hidden in the base. At least as it exists as of April 2020, Airtable may not be a good tool to store things like sensitive or private data (salaries, medical info, SSNs etc). Regardless of access level, anyone with access to the base in Airtable will be able to see and copy any and all data and even share the base with someone else. :frowning:


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Thank you @Mohamed_Swellam. Complete “duh” moment for me not to check before posting.
@WilliamPorterTech, I have noticed this which has caused us to use multiple databases in order for us to hide these fields. I appreciate you replying and reminding me of this as we build another client base.

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