Hide some tables for specific user levels (Editors and below)


It would be great to be able to hide some tables from all user levels except for the Creator.

Use Case:

  • We use AirTable to track sales and generate orders. Most users are Editors and only need to see the main sales tables which hold the full sales records.
  • We have a lot of tables which hold data for things like accessories and consumables. These are pulled into the main sales tables via lookup. Editors don’t ever need to see these tables.
  • The base looks very cluttered and confusing to new Editors as they see lots of tabs (tables) at the top.
  • Only the Creator(s) need to see or edit the contents of the accessories and consumables tables.


Agreed, it would be great to hide tables for permissions/security reasons. Additionally, I have several bases with tables that I’d like to develop, but that aren’t currently being used, or have placeholder data in them after copying templates with great ideas from Templates or the Universe. These tables are my as-time-allows/pet projects and it’d be great to hide them while I’m working on day-to-day tasks, and then just unhide them when I’m ready to work on further developing them.