Hide Table Views for Individual Users


We have multiple users working on our Base at the same time. Because any changes to a Table View persist across all users, we have to have personalised Table Views for each user. Otherwise users clash with each other when editing a particular Table View.

This is fine, but it limits our ability to use Table Views for what they are designed for. If we want to have different Table Views for (example) different film genres. Then we need to create a Table View for every user for every film genre. We then end up with a long, unwieldy list of Table Views. There are some features that we simply don’t use because we don’t want to create more Table Views.

This could be avoided by allowing users to hide Table Views that remain hidden every time they log in. That way each user could have their own personal set of Table Views.


This gives a lot more power than just making unique views - this method can also be used to hide data that you do not want modified by presenting it as a lookup in the view that you allow access to and effectively give the possibility of data protection, which is currently impossible.

I would really like to see this implemented…


This feature would be a great addition to Airtable, cluttered view lists can be a nightmare to navigate.

There is times when we share a view URL with a client but we then can’t delete the view until the client has finished using it, we therefor end up with a load of views that only external clients view. This also adds another complication of knowing if/when we can delete the view or the worry that someone might accidentally delete it, our current solution is writing DND (Do Not Delete) at the start of the view name.

Would be great to see new feature to solve these issues.


I agree, it would be great to be able to manipulate the list of views. Besides hiding other people’s personal views.

I have one view that I use as a master for one subset of our data, then I have a bunch of views that are related to that view, it would be great to be able to group them and then minimize the group to one item that expands when clicked.