Hide 'Uncategorised' column in Kanban view if no uncategorised records

Hi Katherine, thank you for the response - AT Kanban view needs a function to automatically collapse stacks which have no associated fields (blank stacks) as well as not show blank fields within the card.


Not only am I troubled by the fact that I can’t completely hide stacks, but Uncategorized is locked to the left-hand side? Whyyyyyyy

Even collapsed, it still takes up SOME space, and that’s more space than we desire for something that serves no purpose in a set up where every task has a status

We’d love to use this feature at my company, but until this issue is resolved, it’s going to be a hard sell to all our teams!

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Am pretty new to Airtable and have already run into this issue! Really need a way to hide stacks, not just collapse them. I want to completely filter them out (as they are not relevant to the view I am trying to create).

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+1: hide stacks we don’t want to see in Kanban view.
+1: auto-hide stacks based on filter if a filter is applied.


+1 - hiding stacks. On the grid view, I need 15 or so field values available to me. On the Kanban view, I only need a few. 15 stacks don’t fit, even when collapsing them.


PLEASE allow us to completely hide stacks in Kanban. I have WAY TOO MANY categories just to collapse them. I have got to be able to create views that only show certain stacks per view. Is there any chance this is in the pipeline???

If we cannot completely hide stacks, a second option would be to re-order the stacks in a particular view without it reordering the categories everywhere.

Please, please, please! Enable hiding of stacks through filtering in the Kanban view. It makes it impossible to use when you have too many selector fields to count. It’s so infuriating I wrote a poem about it.

Kanban, Kanban, what to do with you…
Unable to hide stacks out of view.
It makes me so mad,
I’m forced to right about it in my note pad.
Someday in the not too distant future I hope,
for Airtable’s sake and longevity, that this feature, so within grasp,
is implemented, and fast!


The ability to completely hide stacks would be an absolute game changer, I use airtable for pretty much every aspect of the business and this is definitely my Achilles heel, having to collapse unused or no longer required stacks is great but not a solution that makes the Kanban view viable enough, the collapsed stacks plus the uncategorised stack just take up too much room

Same on this request. My current workaround is to set up a collapsed stack and filter out the records. So even if the stack is un-collapsed, it’s empty. Just my current workaround, but an actual hide would be preferred.