Hide View/Filter/Group/Sort bar

Hello, is there a way to not show the bar between the table name and the table itself - I call it “view bar” (red frame) for now.

With “Shared base link” the bar displays. With “Shared view links” they don’t but also the option to filter / sort a column on the top row is disabled.

What I need is the in between: the “view bar” hidden but with the opportunity to filter / sort on the top (header) row.

Thanks for any advice

There’s no way to control the visibility of that bar or the things on it other than the options that you already listed.

Thank you. I thought so.

@Stephan_Kardos Note that you can use MiniExtensions.com for what you want to do:

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Thanks, but that’s a bit too pricey for that one feature I want to achieve

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