Hiding record details from a linked record


When adding/ editing information in a linked record, a lot of unnecessary details are displayed, which are confusing. Can I “simplify” the view by just displaying the main field value, but not all the additional fields?

I only want the field value (in large letters), but not all the related values (i.e. in the image, I want to hide all the information in the red boxes).

How can I do it?


it will show whatever fields are visible in the linked table. so you’d have to either hide those fields on the “contact Persons” table or make a simplified “contact persons 2” table with only the fields you want to show visible. make sense?


For each Table linked to your Lead Sprints table, create a new LookUp field type that points to the primary field. Then, you can hide your Link to Another Record fields from view [do not delete the field!].

^ This will get you a text box that displays the name of the organization, another with the name of the organization unit, etc. without the other fields showing up.


Thanks, but I believe that would not address my issue.
I’m happy with all the fields being shown - but I don’t want the additional information below each field!


Thanks, @Kamille_Parks
That could work - except it creates a new problem: the button “+ Link to a record from …” disappears, so I can’t edit/add the entries anymore - a very useful feature.

Why on earth is this information in the red boxes displayed?
It just clutters the view completely without adding much visible value!


There’s no option to hide the additional info for Link to Record field types. Either make-do with the extra info displayed by Link to Record fields, or use LookUp fields and link records from either the other associated table or from an expanded record view (scrolling to the bottom where hidden fields are still accessible)

The extra fields previewed are useful in many cases, but I agree it would be nice if users had the option to disable field previews.


Thanks Kamille, much appreciated!
Pity there is no other way…