Hiding Tables (solved)


Is this possible? I have too many tables!


Yes, Airtable friends. This could be an excellent workaround (at least for me) to live in peace until you implement more sophisticated permissions. Like X table visible to Editors and XY visible to Creators


actually, I just figured out that they had this feature! I feel so dumb not searching for it. lol There’s a filter button below every tab.


Where do you see a filter button that will not display a table @auroraafable ? I only have filters that filter records.


Well, you can do the opposite. You can hide tables by only checking the tables you want to appear.

Also, make use of their View feature. That way, you won’t have to keep doing this everytime.


I think you’re talking about records, not tables :smiley:


Agreed, I think “tables” got confused with “records,” there. In my case, I really WOULD love to be able to hide tables. I have at least 55 tables in one base, and I will probably have at least 20-50 more tables!