Hiding the primary field

I want to be able to hide the primary field when I am sharing specific views. Specifically I would love to do this in the gallery view but ideally in all views.



I understand that it’s the unique representation and that it cannot be hidden or moved. The feature suggestion is to allow us to hide it when sharing a view. For instance, If I have a record for a bunch of folks attending an event (where each person’s name is the primary field) and they each provide feedback through a form on airtable, I want to be able to share a view of just the feedback without the names (primary field) to make it anonymous to my team.

While it is not possible to move the primary field, it is now possible to “unfreeze” the primary field in grid views so that it does not take up screen real-estate as you scroll horizontally. For instructions on how to unfreeze columns, see the documentation.