Hiding ungrouped records

I am using grouping in several of my views and I was looking at the “guide to grouped records” page from Airtable and saw that I should be able to hide no grouped records - so records that are empty in the field I’m grouping by. I went to do that, and I do not have that icon on my grouping dropdown. I saw that if I changed the field I’m sorting by to something else, it appears. The fields I’m trying to sort by are “calculated fields” and I only want to see the records in these views if those values have been calculated, otherwise I don’t want to see them. Any clue how to fix this on the grouping level or do I just need to filter them out?
This is where I saw that as an option, at the very bottom.

Ya, that “hide ungrouped records” only works for a handful of manual entry field types. You’ll just have to use the filter menu to filter out records where your Formula field is blank.

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