Hierarchy solutions - Nested Tasks, Sub tasks, Sub sub tasks

Hi Airtable community!! I am a contractor running a construction business. I am trying to solve the most basic principle of organization (nesting). It seems absolutely ridiculous that I’ve tried so many apps and I’m either limited to a certain number of levels of hiearchy or I cannot create a hierarchy at all. It’s 2019… Anyways, onto my question.

In order to keep things clean, I would like to categorize my process of the following. I have:

Sub task 1 (child of task^)
Sub task 2 (child of Sub task 1^)

I need to create the above hiearchy and I want to view all of these tasks and task children in one table, so I would think that linking all of these items together and than creating one table for viewing and for ENTRY of anything else. What’s very important is that I need to be able to obviously work out of one space instead of jumping around, I want to create entries from one table or view and view from one table or view. This also has to work on my phone so that when I’m out in the field I can quickly input data. Since Tasks are the main components of every project, I’m fine with viewing a list of tasks for one project, but I would like to be able to than click on any task in an expanded view of a cell and than when I click on that task it takes me to it’s related sub tasks.

To summarize, when I am looking at a task I want to only see the related items to that task, I don’t want to see all sub tasks level 1 and all sub tasks level 2. I’m looking for the easiest way to make this hiearchy so that it will work for mobile and I can quickly see all tasks and jump into the related tasks by clicking on the task record in expanded view upon opening a task record. How can I do this? Oh and I also want to avoid double entering things in, like customer name, type whether it’s a task or sub task, etc, I just want to be able to jump in once this system is created and start making tasks and sub tasks in their respective parents and categories.

Hope to get help with this soon as this is seriously stalling my progress on the logistics of my business.


  • Tucker

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