Highlight Cells


I know this is a spreadsheety thing, and falls apart once relational, but when actively editing in a table view, it’d be REALLY helpful to highlight cells that are missing info, or for which the data has not yet been fully confirmed. Question marks don’t work in number fields, so that;s not an option… Basically we need a way to identify data that’s near-final. Thanx!


Agreed. The visual aid of color highlighting is nearly as useful as the functionality of a relational database. It helps our team to quickly make sense of and identify large amounts of data. (drawing attention to what is critical, what needs attention, and what is on the back-burner). This would be a very useful feature to implement.


Team Airtable,

PLEASE add in a highlight function. Pretty please. Would help so much.


Conditional formatting may address this need. In our Google Sheets solutions, we use it to highlight cells that contain forbidden characters… “Highlight when empty” would be awesome, especially for bases in whihc there is a form view with required fields. The same functionality would suffice for “highlight when required but empty”.