Highlighting multiple cells to get the sum



I’m wondering if there’s a way to highlight multiple cells in a table to get the sum quickly.

In excel, I would hold “CTRL” and select the cells I need. It seems that I’m not able to do that in Airtable.

I know you can highlight cells that are adjacent to each other, but the cells I need are not next to each other in this case.

Thanks for any help!


Arbitrary cell selection isn’t currently possible in Airtable. While AT will show you the sum when selecting a series of cells in a single field, Adding the values of non-adjacent cells can only be done via formulas, and even there it only works for fields in the same record (row). There are some tricky ways you can access values from other records, but databases just aren’t designed to be used in that way, so these workarounds to make cross-record access work are sometimes pretty complex.