HIPAA compliance


It would be incredibly useful to me if Airtable was to become HIPPA compliant and be willing to sign Business Associate Agreements. http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/guidance/business-associates/



Love this application and use it for a growing business that deals a lot with PHI, OHSA, CARF, and HIPAA compliance


Yes, we would love to see this as well!


HIPAA compliance is certainly something that we’re considering. We’d love to hear the specifics of how you would use Airtable if it were HIPAA-compliant!


I would also add on that becoming FERPA compliant would be great for what we do as well.


I direct camp programs and would be using it for health forms which we are required to collect from campers and staff, but have a difficult time managing all the papers. We would be using Airtable for our nurses database if it were hippa compliant, so health history storage and making notes about medications/treatments administered.


As a healthcare IT company, we deal with PHI and PII for tracking CRM on contacts and potential contractors. The lack of HIPAA compliance is the only thing keeping us from moving our bases into airtable and upgrading to a higher tier account. We love airtable!


As a massage therapist, I currently use Google Biz apps to collect new client health history (which has a HIPAA compliant option. It’s clunky having client notes in a Google doc and health history in a Google spreadsheet plus any emails and/or phone call notes. I’d love to have one centralized location to access all of a client’s info in one place. I also teach online courses that are health related and it would be great to have pre and post course survey info all together.


Also would love a FERPA compliant product so I could use this at school. I think this would solve a huge problem we are trying to solve with a particular program we run.


I second this. I would use it to hold client details so I could have it all in once integrated location.


Specifics: client services database (client info, referrals, bookings, notes) for an allied health practitioner working across multiple countries including USA, which requires HIPAA compliance. For now, I can’t use AirTable. :frowning:


I manage data from multiple partners each with multiple data sources. I would be able to use airtable tohelp our teams enter and update data from the field if it was FERPA compliant. Now, I just wish I could.


I manage data from multiple partners each with multiple data sources. I would be able to use airtable to help our teams enter and update data from the field if it was FERPA compliant. Now, I just wish I could.


I would use a HIPPA compliant airtable to track clients in a community based service provision capacity. It, especially the paid plans, could also in the future be paid for by grants to help with research and other data collecting activities like program evaluation.


Adding my vote here. Please add hipaa compliance as option.


My nonprofit ambulance service would use this to track patient survey responses.


Any updates on this feature? I work with volunteers in a hospice non-profit, but we’re currently limited in how we can use Airtable. We primarily use it to manage our music library. It would be wonderful to be able to include databases that contain PHI in a place where we could all easily access it and contribute. We could use it to let volunteers opt into assignments and as a place where they could leave notes for the patient’s care team. For small medical non-profits utilizing volunteers, the options for hipaa compliant messaging/volunteer management systems are shockingly limited. We currently use one that we pay for and it is abysmal.


+1 here for HIPAA compliance.


+1 for HIPAA compliance. Much needed!


HIPAA compliance wanted here too! Like others, our organization is very small, and none of the applications I have found are anywhere near as useful for us as airtable… however we are only using sample data as we can’t put actual patient data into the database. Currently we are also using Google Drive, which is HIPAA compliant but incredibly unwieldy.