HIPAA compliance


Hi Katherine or Airtable folks!

Any roadmap on becoming HIPAA compliant?

We have an organisation that would love to move all of its patient records on AirTable.

Thank you


+1 here !
HIPAA is getting urgent


Database for a medical pratice to use for tracking referrals. We use a EMR for most data, but those typically dont have features to track non insurance claims re invoices, paid consultation with other agencies, clients referred from other providers, etc…


Adding another vote here for HIPAA compliance!


+1 here for HIPAA compliance.


Would be great to have this. We need HIPAA compliance to start using Airtable for our Lab Testing business. Any idea if you’re still considering this feature?


+1 for HIPAA compliance


We could run so much of our healthcare business off the airtable platform if it were HIPAA compliant.


HIPAA compliance would be a dream!


Another vote for HIPAA compliance option. I would use it in my org to build tracking tools for our outreach programs that have to keep track of hundreds of clients spread all over New York City.


+1 for HIPPA compliance
Is there an update for this?


Almost 2 years since this thread started. Any updates from Airtable? As someone earlier mentioned, As a Massage Therapist, I would like to store client PII, PHI, and session notes in Airtable. Thank you.


+1 for HIPAA Compliance. As for now we cannot use either for most things (Addiction Recovery Services). Any word from Airtable on this?


+1 for HIPAA compliance. I want to manage our provider credentialing.


I will be a paid customer only if HIPAA compliance!


Any update on this? I am looking at multiple options


As an intensive counselor in schools, I would love to use Airtable to manage student information and clinical notes! Of course, that would require FERPA compliance. :slight_smile:


I work for a healthcare billing and accounting company. I recently signed up after reading about Airtable. We deal with patient info and claim info and since you’re not HIPAA compliant, I cannot introduce this to my bosses. I really like what I see so far so maybe I’ll be able to use it for other projects that do not contain sensitive data.


I work for a rapidly growing healthcare startup that would love to use this product. We may not be able to work around the fact that it isn’t HIPAA compliant.


We used to use it for project management but our IT department shut us down because they were terrified some piece of patient data might make it’s way on into Airtable. HIPAA compliance would be great. We’re no longer using Airtable for this reason.