HIPAA compliance


Why is Airtable no longer replying to the requests for updates on this feature, which would likely DOUBLE its customer base? A Business Associate Agreement is a fairly easy-to-incorporate feature. @Katherine_Duh


+1 for hipaa/ferpa compliance!!! PLEASE! :slight_smile:


+1 for HIPAA compliance!


+1 HIPAA compliance also!! I need it to get rid of clunky old medical software


Just adding my +1 here for HIPAA compliance.


I would also like AirTable to be HIPAA compliant as we maintain client information for our counseling center on AirTable. We don’t keep case notes here on but it’ll be great to be able to integrate it all together.


Another +1 for HIPPA compliance. And, FERPA compliance would be nice too.


Yes, please-- HIPAA compliance is the only thing keeping us from using Airtable through our clinic.


+1 for HIPPA compliance


@Katherine_Duh While not personally needing HIPPA compliance, I can see why airtable may be slow to implement this.

See this article for why it’s apparently tricky: https://medium.com/@MedStack/what-do-successful-hipaa-compliance-programs-have-in-common-d70056a7df4?source=linkShare-e1e88fdbacf0-1528984792


Another vote for HIPAA Compliance here! Would love to use this program for my psychological counseling business.


another vote for HIPPA!


Yes, yes, a thousand votes for this. Healthcare is a big market and I know a lot of folks that need Airtable-like functionality. Please move forward with this.


+1 for HIPPA Compliance!


Today health information needs to be shared more than ever, but how can that be done most easily within the limits of HIPAA?


HIPAA Compliance is the only thing keeping us from using a paid version of Airtable all the time. Wish it was compliant.


Yes! Please make this happen! @Katherine_Duh any status on this?


+1 for HIPAA. Would make a paid account an easier sell to stakeholders.


Ditto here. Great service.


HIPAA compliance, please!