HIPAA compliance

Yet another YES vote: I would love to be able to use this in my small private practice for patient database. We would use in a heart-beat if HIPAA compliant and a signed BAA.

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I’m a solo practice surgeon, and if only Airtable were HIPAA compliant with a BAA, I’d be tracking my surgical outcomes on here instead of Google sheets. I’ll be waiting for this capability before purchasing!

I am a physician and run 4 clinics and we really want to use Airtable, but cannot due to HIPAA.

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I am a healthcare provider who stands by Airtable’s mission in providing software solutions that enhance individual’s workflows rather than dictate it. The use cases in healthcare are boundless. If there is ever to be a beta program for healthcare professionals, please contact me!

This is pretty big. HIPAA would let us use Airtable to fill the gaps in our Electronic Health Records.


We would love to see Airtable have HIPAA compliance and willing to enter into BAAs. Our goal at Mount Sinai is use it for care navigators to track workflows for patients around engagements, clinical encounters, referrals, followups, etc. Above and beyond google sheets we are looking for more structured api integrations, structured inputs, and analytics.

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+1 here as well.

I manage a large Ryan White (HIV Service) program in a federally qualified health center. I see perfectly that I could create a complete case management dashboard that did EVERYTHING a non-custom tool could do and enable MORE FLEXIBILITY.

We can’t use our EMR for case management purposes. Its just not built correctly… Need some sort of solution thats made for social services as opposed to medical.

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I can see so many applications if Airtables were Hipaa compliant:
Care Teams in sync about the care/status of patients (every clinic has unique metrics that they need to know for patients).

Caregivers keeping up to date on patients (Patients filling out fast/quick forms for data entry --> physicians able to actually get high quality data on patients).

Why does this not exist? Because EHRs are not focused on making a fast/customizable and secure database (but you already knew that :slight_smile: )

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There’s money to be made here.

Please make Airtable HIPAA compliant! We would like to use it to keep track of patient records for a mental health care private practice but we need to make sure our client’s info is kept safe.

My favorite tool for the security risk analysis is Medcurity. It makes the whole process much more intuitive. I love my spreadsheets, but glad to leave them behind for HIPAA tracking.

Add another one to the “please make it HIPAA compliant” list! I have a family member that I’ve been conversing with regarding his needs, and he would love to be able to use Airtable to fill in some gaps that his EMR system unfortunately has

Please, please, please. You’ve gotta make this HIPAA compliant. Are there any plans for this in the near future.