HIPAA compliance

Adding my voice to the request to be HIPAA compliant. We are a small nonprofit that provides support to injured workers. We love your format and it works for a lot of our needs. However, not being HIPAA compliant means we can’t use you for case management. We want everything in one place so we’ll need to move all of our work to another platform. HELP!

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+1 here for HIPAA compliance!

If Airtable were HIPAA compliant, I would be able to launch a new EHR Platform I’ve been working on almost immediately, as I have a prototype already working that just isn’t HIPAA compliant. Hoping to see HIPAA compliance soon!

I was so excited to stumble upon Airtable. It’s everything we need… except HIPAA compliant, which unfortunately is a deal breaker :disappointed:

This is clearly a much needed feature, and for every vote here how many hundreds of other individuals would be looking for the same thing? Please consider adding this. Airtable would make our team’s lives so much easier if only you all offered this one option!


We built exactly what we needed for our company using Airtable, only to find out it’s not HIPAA compliant, so we can’t use it. Any update on this??

Adding my vote for HIPAA compliance. It is the #1 thing holding back my company from converting all processes to Airtable.
Not sure if this is on their radar at all, as I have not heard anything.
I hope it is though.

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+1 as so many others. I couldn’t read through the whole thread, but can someone note any financial issues on Airtables part?

As one post mentioned we have a behavioral health office and while all PHI/PHR are on established systems, we have countless supervisors working with State, reports upon reports, and tracking services, outreach etc.

I use Airtable for other non health info and know I can come up with a solution for these supervisors in a flash with Airtable. I found myself working on some excel sheets building certain solutions for these people knowing they are going to screw up the excel sheet to begin with lol…

Anyway, @Katherine_Duh you spoke up first and then vanished from Earth or Just Airtable… Can someone else shed some light on road map, anything…

Hi folks!

We wanted to give an update on this product suggestion given its longstanding history and depth of constructive comments. It’s been helpful for our team to see interest for compliance in this area, and we absolutely understand that it is a blocker for companies who need to store protected health information.

While we do want to build out compliance in this area in the future, I wanted to share that this is unlikely something we’ll be able to prioritize this year. This means that we’re still unable to sign HIPAA business associate agreements. For our customers in the medical industry who do use Airtable to manage business, research, and other processes, we’d like to continue to encourage you to refrain from storing PHI/PII in Airtable.

Thank you all again for contributing to this product suggestion, and letting our team know that you care about - and need - this level of compliance.

I’ll close this topic for now, and we will be sure to update the community, and all of our customers, with any new developments in this area in the future.

– The Airtable Team