Hiring a consultant to build an online market

Hello! I’ve been delivering items from my farmers’ market to neighbors for the last 2 months and now I’m looking to scale our operations locally. I’m looking to hire someone to help me build a form that customers can use to place orders, and that I can use on the backend to sort aggregate orders based on vendor.

Ideally, customers would use this form to order the items they want, make payment, and input delivery address and phone number for text notifications. I’d love it if these forms would feed into an order summary on my end where I can sort aggregate orders based on individual orders and vendor (because customers can order items from multiple vendors). I’d also like to be able to collect email addresses and refresh the ordering window each week. Hoping this is all possible with Airtable!

I created orderfromfarms.com, but after the first week of sales have noticed that it doesn’t do everything I need to make this business sustainable. I’ve been testing different website builders and tools for 2 months now and finally need an expert’s help. Please email Sarah at szuhlsdorf@gmail.com if you’re interested in talking more about this project. Happy to discuss further details and what compromises may need to be made based on Airtable’s capabilities! Excited to chat!

Hello @Sarah_Zuhlsdorf

Email Sent, kindly check.
Please connect Skype: noah_3861

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Hi @Sarah_Zuhlsdorf,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slight_smile:

This seems like an exciting project, all definitely doable with Airtable and 3rd party apps such as Jotforms. I have sent you an email and would like to discuss your requirements more, once I understand your workflow better, I can suggest how it can be achieved.

Looking forward for your reply.


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