Homepage view goes blank - no filter applied

Hi our homepage views have suddenly gone blank displaying no data - if we apply a filter the relevant data appears but without a filter nothing is showing. Personal view are not effected. This is very troubling - we initially thought our whole database was lost. Please can you help us understand why/how this is happening and how to prevent it happening in the future.
many thanks

Hi @Clare_Fitzpatrick ,

Can you please show us a screenshot of the empty view? My initial though is that there is a grouping of some sort and its collapsed so you think there is no data.

Hi, I can’t see any filters/grouping applied

no grouping

no filter

Filter: Partner is not empty - 287 records


Hi @Clare_Fitzpatrick,

You said it yourself, Partner NOT EMPTY shows you the data, because if you scroll down without the filter you will find your data. It just seems someone by mistake created a bunch of empty records :slight_smile:

Thanks Mohamed, I’ve now deleted the blank records! don’t suppose you have any idea of how it could have happened - the blank records literally just appeared without any conscious action…

My pleasure Clare :slight_smile:

If you can restore any of the blank record you deleted (Click on Base History > Trash)

Then click on any of those records and expand it

If you screenshot the Activity part I might be able to tell you what happened.

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