Hosting Database via Airtable


Can you help me determine whether AirTable can be a solution for hosting a databased of public data about public schools? Has anyone done this? Can you provide examples of what you’ve done?
We are a nonprofit representing public schools of choice in two states. We need to manage data about these schools’ state test performance, graduation rates etc plus comparative data for all schools in the state. All data is public, but its all rows and a lot - state test data is over 443,000 rows. Previously our data was hosted in MySQL and we paid a FT employee to manage the data. I’m good with analysis via Excel, but don’t know SQL. My intuition is that we can either pay a consultant with SQL knowledge to manage the data for us externally, or make it a portion of someone’s job to manage it via a more intuitive platform like Airtable. I’d love to hear whether anyone has done this. I’m seeing a lot of project management etc examples on Airtable, but given the linking and viewing features it seems like there’s potential to host a full database here.


In general, I would imagine that the structure of your data is well suited to Airtable. 443,000 rows of data in a base puts you well into the Enterprise pricing plan though, so you are probably best off arranging a call with them to see what they can offer you.