Hot to keep a table and a Google Sheet in perfect sync

I’m curious – I know Zapier is useful for having AirTable talk to other platforms. But has anyone successfully used it to keep a table and a Google Sheet in perfect sync?

In other words, when I add a row to one place, it appears in another. When I EDIT a row in one place, it changes in the other.

I started to build it out but the further I got, the less faith i had that it would really work. So I thought I’d ask.

Hi @Peter_Steinberg - I don’t think this is possible. To do a full sync between Airtable and Google Sheets you’d need to trigger actions on create, update and delete of a row at either end. Looking at Airtable in Zapier you get the following triggers:

So, create is accommodated, but delete isn’t. Probably update isn’t either, although it is possible, depending upon your specific scenario that update could be accommodated by “new record in a view”, but that would only offer a very specific style of update, e.g. change of status from “in progress” to “done”.


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Thanks Jonathan. It’s good to see my initial impression was correct, even if it doesn’t solve my problem.

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