How about an example or templet that includes basic invoicing


Such a example would high light the issues of auto population, and retained values on lookup and roll up after dependent values change. As well as a few other issues.

An example, I believe would be the easiest way to explain how to do this most basic of database activities: Accept payment, and generate and retain a history of invoices

Right now the best option appears to be to copy and paste columns from one table to another instead of auto populate ID field, and similarly to fix lookup and rollup results by copying the values and pasting them into a numeric archive field. Perhaps this could be done automatically with a formula that references dates and only copies the value from the lookup or rollup field when the data is current … not sure if lack of an output on a formula would wipe out existing data in a field or not.

a couple of references
Lookup data that doesn’t change after source data changes
Creating Invoices from Airtable records

Thank you,

Any Suggestions are most Welcome.