How are people organizing workspaces?


We have one workspaces that our team shares, and it’s a nightmare to organize all the bases that exist in the workspace.

How do people organize all the different bases in one workspace?


My personal opinion is, don’t bother. I don’t bother to organize my bases at all — instead, I give them good, descriptive, and memorable names. Then, I use the “Base Jumper” command to navigate from one base to another (cmd + K on macOS). That pulls up a search bar, much like Spotlight search on macOS, and I start typing — after just a few keystrokes, the base I am looking for appears as the top option in the choices below, and I hit enter.


Changing the color of the base icons helps me. Also, any sample template that isn’t yet in use has a grey icon.


I have a small team. We use a different base for each major kind of project. So, we’re doing (73) translations, applying for (3) grants, and putting together a collection of (probably hundreds of) supporting materials, and each of those three kinds of projects has a named base.