How can airtable be helpful?


i want to see how airtable can be helpful or useful in some significant way

i have a g-sheet of

  • titled links to youtube videos

  • their ratings & few other relevant data points

  • there’s videos across topics

  • maybe half or so are already ranked by quality

  • this is all on one sheet

i have g-sheets for various other things like films and books with similar helpful data (basically finding out what is best pretty much)

so would moving this youtube sheet to airtable be helpful in any way?

asking to see if airtable can be helpful in significant way since, at least so far, there wasnt any answers to


My approach to using airtable might be unorthodox, but I personally believe you should use the tools that fit your use case.

Airtable is good for handling complex data, especially those regarding collaboration or business needs that solve a critical problem and or potentially save time/money

Personal use I would recommend a notetaking software instead.

If your trying to keep track of youtube videos, I would suggest you

  1. Bookmark the playlist
  2. Use youtubes built in tools for adding your own playlist

unlisted #3