How can I build a formula that changes based on blank field values

I am using Airtable to create naming conventions. I have used the concatenate function to put together the code:

CONCATENATE({Country Code},"-",{Key Solutions Code},"-",{Digital PRG Code},"-",{Digital Platform Code},"-",Year,"-",Quarter,"-",{Purpose Code},"-",Description)

Digital PRG Type options are Paid Social, Paid Search, Web Content etc.

Digital Platform options are LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

What I am trying to figure out, is that when Digital PRG Type is selected as Web Content, then how can I build the formula to remove the hyphen in the formula campaign name. As of now, this is how the code looks in the front end:
GLB-PP-WC–2022-Q1-LG-TEST (you’ll notice the extra hyphen next to WC (web content) because the value in the table is blank (intended).

What I want to show is the code like this when Web Content is selected.

Thank you!

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