How can I call up data from a table into a form?


Pretty new here and pretty new to database design.

I have a 2 step user data entry process, with a separate table for each of the two steps. The first step asks a user via a webform to record their performance in an activity. In the second step, I want the web form to call up the data form the first entry/table and present it for the user to then answer more questions aimed at reviewing/assessing their own performance. I want this second step to be able to be done at a later time, on a separate sitting. In this case the user is only me, so this simplifies things. I want to be able to bring up a record on a front end, see the results of one entry and answer my assessment questions to be placed into a second table.

Hope this makes sense and I appreciate the assistance. :slight_smile:

It is possible to prefill a form with certain fields filled out. You could try using this app to ease the process:

or read about prefilling a form to do it yourself:

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