How can I copy multiple non-continuous cells?


I’ve got an ‘‘Email addresses’’ column in a base. When I send emails, I go on this base , copy the email addresses and paste them into the sender section of the composed email. This works well when I select email addresses that are in a continuous order in the column, however, I’m not able to select multiple fields for email addresses that aren’t in a continuous order.

In an excel spreadsheet, you can select different cells by pressing ‘‘ctrl’’ on the keyboard. Is there a similar function on airtable or do I always need to copy/paste the emails one-by-one?

While you can’t use “crl” to copy noncontiguous cells, you can simply make a new View in your table where your necessary email fields are adjacent to each other and copy from there. Or you could make a formula field that concatenates all your email fields into one field.

Thanks so much for your reply.

The issue is that there’s different people I need to email every time, who don’t always fit in the same categories. So starting a new view or creating a formula each time, is as time consuming as having to go through all addresses one-by-one.

It’s a list of 80 freelancers that I email for different projects as they come in. At the moment I have to scroll down and copy/paste email addresses of suitable freelancers, one-by-one (sometimes up to 30 different emails).

I assume there’s no other way to select multiple non-continuous cells, unless I got back to using excel spreadsheets?

Ah, I see. I thought you had multiple Email fields per record, instead you have multiple records each with a single email.

If you’re linking your Freelancers to Projects, then you could have a Rollup/Lookup field that concatenates all their emails into a single cell to copy from. Otherwise, your solution would be the same ones already given above or going back to using a pure spreadsheet app.

As for making a View to copy from, you’d really only need one: If you make a Checkbox field and “check” all the appropriate Freelancers for your current batch, leave the View filtered or grouped by the Checkbox field. Then all the emails will line up adjacent to one another that you can copy. When you’re done, you can clear out the values for the Checkbox field. Day to to day, this would add about 30 seconds to the time it takes to do this compared to copying straight from non-contiguous cells as you would in Excel.

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Ah thank you so much. I will try the checkbox idea in a new view, I think this can work well. Still not ideal but seems like the best solution. Thank you for taking the time to help, much appreciated.

@Airtable please take note - I imagine that being able to copy multiple non-contiguous cells would be a helpful feature for more people/companies. :pray:

FWIW using the tag “@Airtable” only creates a link to a page showing all users in the “Airtable” group (all Airtable staff members), but I don’t believe that it tags them. To let the developers know about your wish, you could add a post to the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category (after searching for an existing thread, of course), or contact Airtable support directly. Or both. :slight_smile:

Oh I see, thanks for clarifying! I’ll do that. Every day is a school day :slight_smile:

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