How can I count each selection on a multiple select field?


Have a case management system that I need to track monthly & yearly numbers. Can’t figure out how to get a total of each selection per year & month. I can only get total no way to get per month/day. Here is an example:

Client A seeks help on “Date of service” has multiple “Needs” then we refer them to multiple “Service Providers”.

I need to know per Year & Month:

How many Clients for Need 1, Need 2, Need 3 (multiple select field)
How many referrals to Service provider 1, Service Provider 2, Service Provider 3 (multiple select field)

Converted date to separate Month & Date. Was able to get for year Month/year all the occurance of each year/month. But how do you count TEXT separated by commas? HELP! ANYONE!

Here is a screen shot of my table


I also tried separating out Need and got in a field all the occurrences of year/month, but again how can I count text separated by commas. Surely there is a way to do this.