How can I create dropdown list base on the fields/columns that have input only?

For example table 1 has columns: Email, FB, LI. (which we can refer as Contact Channels)

Applicant 1 has only Email and FB accounts
Applicant 2 has Email, FB, and LI accounts

In table 2 I wanted to create a contact channel dropdown list. Is it possible to have the list depending only on what’s inputted in table 1?

For example, applicant one should only have 2 choices in the dropdown while applicant 2 should have 3. Or is there any way that it will automatically list down the channels instead of the dropdown list once the applicant added fields in Table 1 columns?

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Hi Vanessa, the dropdown options are separate from the records, and so you wouldn’t be able to limit the dropdown options based on the record you’re currently modifying I’m afraid

Could you tell me more about what you’re trying to do? I’m finding it hard to visualize the workflow here

Once I understand what your workflow is and what you want to happen, I might be able to suggest something

Thanks for your response.

I wanted to have a dropdown list for a contact channel column. The options should only allow me to choose from the various contact channel options that have been filled in on the lead database.

I.E If the lead has only facebook details and LinkedIn-Email cells are empty. I should only be able to choose the FB option in the dropdown menu of contact channel column. Instead of listing them all, I wanted to have a list of options that only contains details. Another sample is if the lead has contact details for both FB, LinkedIn, and Email. I wanted to see from the Contact Channel Column dropdown these 3. Is this possible?

So in Table 2, you’re selecting the lead via a linked field first, is that right? And Table 2 is a list of tasks where you’ll reach out to them via the channel selected in the dropdown?

Yes. Table 1 contains their names and urls in different channels. While in Table 2 contains name, status, date of contact, and should only contain the summarized list of channels that are available or they have.

Instead of going back to Table 1 to check if they have details in different channels we have, I wanted to have it viewed in one column in Table 2.

Roger that. If you just want to see a summarized list, and do not need a dropdown with specific options per record, you can check out this base I’ve made for you

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 12.32.22 PM

Apologies, I’m still not entirely clear what you want to happen, so I’m just taking my best guess and running with it

Hi, yes this is something I want to happen. How to do this? And if is it possible to have it in one line and separated with a comma instead?

Hi Vanessa, I’ve modified the formula in the base to have it in one line like you wanted:

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 1.07.10 PM

And the formula is:

IF(Email,"Email,") & 
IF(LinkedIn,"LinkedIn,") & 

The idea is have a field to display the name of the channel only if the channel’s field is not empty, and then we do a lookup on that field.

You should be able to duplicate the base above and copy the set up; let me know if would like some help setting it up!

Thank you so much for your help!

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