How can I create look up in a form

I have a database that I use to maintain questions and answers for a test prep company.

The questions could appear in multiple books and on several different tests.

I am also keeping track of which students saw a particular question on a specific exam so I can generate a “hot list” of most recently used questions.

I have a table for the questions and answers, a table for the students, a table for the books, and a table for the tests.

How can I create a form for adding a new question that will do any or all of the following:

  1. First check to see if that question already exists in the database
  2. If it exists, give me a link to that question so I can update that question with new info
  3. If the question doesn’t already exist, I’d like to be able to add the question and answer, the book where it’s found, the exam it was on, and the person who submitted the info and have all that populate the appropriate table.

How can I accomplish all that from a single form, or is that even possible?

I’m afraid this isn’t possible with Airtable’s native forms. They can only be used for basic data entry, and don’t offer any features for querying existing data. To do what you want, you’d have to use an external tool of some kind—like Jotform paired with the On2Air:Forms product from @openside—that would tie into your base and handle all the logic.