How Can I Export an Entire Base with one Click?


My base is huge. I need a way to one click back it up for my peace of mind. thank you.



alternatively you could go through every table in the base (I can’t imagine you’d have more than 10) → download as CSV on the whole view

This isn’t as automated as zenbackups but it gets the job done and its simple / straightforward to do

if you need to download image assets too / rename you can use my bulk image downloader here.


I have 25, so far. I’m writing a series that has 13 books in it, and I’m only on book 6. Trying to keep track of all the bits of info and all my ideas is a killer.

thank you


I’m guessing that having a table per book is not a really good match to a pseudo-relational database model. Aren’t there bits and pieces of each book that have some common structure? Does each book have title and a body? Perhaps an extract, a cover image, an author and a date? This would be how it should be structured, IMHO.


Vincent - More than 10 tables is probably the norm.

More than 50 is likely if you’re doing something other than a simple business plan or an academic exercise.

More than 500 is common when you’re trying to model a whole enterprise. If Airtable wants to play in this world (and I really think it should), there need to be some tools that look at large applications such as CRM or document management systems (which is my current area.)


i am not keeping track of things like cover images, etc, I’m using this as a series bible, keeping track of plot twists, ideas, locations, characters, descriptions, plot structure, secrets, future plot intersections, editing notes - stuff like that.


Hi @Lisa_weber! I know this is a while later in the game, but I thought I’d chime in on the subject of backups. It looks like zenbackup site isn’t working. Because my team noticed a lot of people needing backups we built a way to do external backups for Airtable automatically, to address this issue directly.

If backups are still a priority for you, check out the show and tell here: How to set up automatic external backups for Airtable in 20 minutes

Hope that helps!