How can i export my data from airtable in json format?

how can i export my data from airtable in json format ?

Hi @Jay_P

Take a look at this link. It might help.

Mary Kay

Hi @Jay_P,

It actually all depends on where you want to import this JSON file and if you need to keep relations.

Solution 1 : quick and easy but Manual
Exporting as CSV will lose all relations (depending on how you have configured your primary fields).
You should create a formula field in each table with just RECORD_ID() so you get the “real ID” of each record.
Then where you have relations add this field as a lookup field to get something like this.

Solution 2 : more complex but can be automated
The official Airtable API returns results as JSON so it may be a good start but will require some programming is you have a lot of records. (requires to handle pagination)

Importing a JSON file will be a specific topic on its own as it really depend on the destination software. It may or not handle existing relations between records.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need more specific help in exporting and importing in another software.


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