How can I get a timestamp based on a formula result (that doesn't keep automatically updating)?


I’d like the date/time to be recorded based on the result of a formula but can’t seem to make this work. My formula basically compares two quantities (both numbers of course) and evaluates to “LOW” or “OK” depending the threshold I’ve set. I want another column to capture the date/time only if the formula results to LOW, but can’t seem to make this work.

Things I’ve tried.

  1. Had the second column evaluate to NOW() if the the previous column formula result is “LOW”. This doesn’t help because as long as the prev. column stays as “LOW”, the date/time column keeps updating the timestamp based on NOW(). I only want a static timestamp of when the formula evaluated that to low.

  2. I tried to use the LAST_MODIFIED_TIME(), but that cannot work on fields that are automatically calculated such as a formula field.

How would I accomplish this?

Thank you.

I would just create an automation that inserts the value from your NOW() formula field into a date field whenever the record matches the condition of LOW.

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Thanks, Scott. Did just that.

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