How can I get the table ID from zapier based on its name?


I want to develop a Zap that will update me on a user progress based on their username. I have a table that tells me which user belongs to which group by name, and I have a table of info for each group. What I would like to do is search (in Zapier or Airtable) for the relevant table based on the user’s username and then update the record. Is there a way for me to do so? Or should I create a dedicated zap for each case?


Yeah - Just create a zap based on a view created for when that specidfic field changes, and trigger the zap from that.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I didn’t phrase the message properly (or I didn’t understand your answer). The scenario is as follows:

We get an automatic notification from another webpage when a user A made a progress. User A appears in the table USERS which holds all users an the group names. Each group has its own table (CLIEANT A, CLIEANT B, etc.). What I want to do is look in the USERS group, find the client name, and get the table ID from that in order to update the table.

The only way I came with to do so, is to setup a zap for each group and use a filter that will update stop the zap if the user is not in the relevant group. (e.g. for the zap fro group B, the filter will be set to only continue if the group column for the user will read Client B). The drawback with this approach is that I will have to add/delete a zap whenever a group is added/removed.

I hope my question is clearer now.

Yeah - That’s the only way to do it if you’ve designed your database that way. Quick question though - Why not just have all your clients in the same table, and have a client field instead of a client table?

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We are debating about it ourself. The airtable also helps us manage the client and personalize the process for them (e.g. a client that wants some extra material for their users). We’ll have to consider the trade-off between how personal we want the process to be, and how general the management of it should be.

Thanks for your help.

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