How can I hide a table?

Hello, I’ve a base with 5 tables, but I don’t know how to hide 2, anyone can help me please?

Hey there! Happy to help here - Before I do. Can you let us know what the use case is so we can guide you?

I want to share a base, but I want to hide 2 of the 5 tables of my base

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I’m interested in same use case as @Enrique_Fernandez_Wo.

Sorry, again to ask clarifying questions, I was hoping for a little bit more info that that. When you say you want to share your base do you mean:

  • Share it Internally?
  • Share it externally?
  • Share it publicly?

Who is the audience you are interested in sharing it with? Do you trust these people? How many people will it be? How long do you want to share it with them?

Really sorry to come back with more questions than answers, but a use case always helps get these things moving :smiley:


@andywingrave Share it with people of my office, but only in the view mode. I trust in this people but I prefer to share it as a view mode. I’ll share it with 30 people and I guess I’ll share it for a year.

In that case, if it’s just read only view you want to share you can do so by clicking on the little box with the arrow and share just one tab of a base like so:

@andywingrave It works, but I want to share to tables and hide 3, and maybe in a few months I’ll share 3 tables and hide 2, that’s why I ask if I can hide tables when I share all the base (in a link).

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