How can I hide tabs and create permission for views?

I have 2 tables: Review, Config.

I want to break the Review table to more view with filter. I expect another user only to view a part of the table. How can I do that?

I have research about the permission of base. I can add a view, add a filter, and block the view or change permission for anyone. But this user can remove filter by way duplicate the view and remove filter to see all records. I wonder this is a huge bug with permission.

Besides, I have a Config table includes some keys and API endpoint. I expect only me can see the table.

Hope somebody can help me. Thank you very much !!!

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It currently isn’t possible to completely hide any data from a base collaborator.

Welcome to the community, @do_trung!

As @kuovonne mentioned, none of this is possible with Airtable’s native interface.

However, you can do everything that you are requesting with Stacker, which is an excellent front-end for Airtable.

p.s. If you have a budget for this project and you need to hire an expert Airtable developer (and expert Stacker consultant) to help you create this, please feel free to send me a private message or contact me through my website at

You know, I just realized that with the brand new Airtable Sync option, you could potentially divide up your 2 tables into 2 separate bases, and then only give your collaborators access to one of the bases. Then, you could simply sync one particular view with your collaborators in their base. You could control which information appears on that view. Note that your collaborators wouldn’t be able to EDIT the information from the other base, but they could VIEW it.

Yes, if the other people only need view access and not edit access, there are many workarounds. Perhaps you can tell more about your use case and we can provide more targeted suggestions.

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