How can I permanently dismiss UI feature tips and notifications when read?


@Katherine_Duh from Airtable is very chatty in the lower left corner of my Bases, on a daily basis – see screenshot…


Her tips appear and re-appear on every browser session in a particular base.

These tips are handy, but I should be able to dismiss them for good once read and understood.

How can I do that?


Kind of disappointed that no-one has an answer to this. And was hoping that @Katherine_Duh herself might respond.


Unfortunately, the fact that an in-app message will appear in multiple windows/tabs if you have multiple windows/tabs open is a limitation of the software that we use to broadcast the in-app messages (Intercom), and I don’t think there’s an easy way for us to solve it at the moment. I wish I had a better answer for you. In the meantime, I can prevent you from getting any in-app messages at all by putting your name on the opt-out list, but I can’t force in-app messages to only appear in one window. :disappointed:


Thanks Katherine, understood.

For clarity, for me the (minor) annoyance is not a multiple window issue. It’s that the messages re-appear with every new browser session.

I can live with it. Seems like Intercom should offer you something better though :slight_smile:


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