How can I prevent the "INVALID MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTIONS" error?



I’m trying to add data to a table using the API, one field of which is a ‘Multiple Choice’ field, so i’m passing data as an array.

However, it will only accept the POST if the table has predefined multiple choice options and you’re sending a POST with one or more those options, else it throws a ‘INVALID_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_OPTIONS’ error.

And, from what I see you cannot create multiple choice options by using the API either.

I assume this is expected behaviour, but… is there a way of programmatically adding new options to a multiple choice typed field, or even getting a list of acceptable values for that field, so i can check the data before calling the API?




Not that I’m aware of. Everything metadata related is basically non-existent.


I’m also having this problem. How can I create a record that has a “multiple choice” column for values that are going to be an unknown set of “tags”? So far the only work-around I have found is to set the column type to be a “single line text” and upload my tags as a comma-delimited string, then when I am done with the API, going to the graphical interface and converting the column type to be a multi-select.